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How Does POS Work?

Having a retail store is not enough in this fast-paced digital world. You need to have in place a digital transaction system that can help you to keep a track record of transactions. A system that is not only proficient but also provides zero cost credit card processing. A Point of Sale is such a system that you can employ to keep a real-time record of cash inflows and outflows to generate maximum security, customer retention, and profits. An efficient and robust POS system can provide you with real-time data and insights about the business operations so that you can update your business strategies. 

Today, contactless transactions and purchases are dragging the shoppers to shop online. In this way, the POS system can help customers to pay for the products and services they buy from you. Having an online POS can allow customers to pay for products and services purchased through online apps and retail stores.

Do you want to reap the benefits of digital transactions and enhance customer reliance? 

Here is why a reliable and cost-effective and fast POS system can boost your sales.

A robust POS system allows you to accept payments from shoppers. It may seem straightforward, but the method can differ depending on whether you sell online or use a physical store for your business. The digitalization of small and large businesses and retail stores has changed everything. Most businesses now use POS apps and internet-embed devices. It is important to know how Point of Sales (POS) works so that you can make the most out of it.


Let’s explore the working mechanism of a POS system


Customer Buys

First, the customer buys physically or virtually. In case of physical purchase, he would call the sales associate to scan the purchased items and products. More so, the scan can happen visually with the help of a camera. In digital purchases, most of the time customers go through a visual scan when they click the checkout button.



After the purchase, your customer would pay using tap cards, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, or loyalty points. Their local bank would allow the transaction once they select a certain payment method.


Price Calculation

Once the purchase is done, your POS system would calculate the price, tax, and update the inventory automatically.


It’s All Done

After the payment, they complete the sale process. If this sale process is done through the POS system of ProcessForFree, then you can enjoy free payment processing. Our no fee merchant services allows you to keep all your profit. Once this no fee credit card processing is done, a digital receipt will be generated and you can ship/hand over the item or product to your customers.

Why should you have a POS System for your business?

Adopting sophisticated technology and improving it consistently is crucial to the success of your business. COVID-19 has compelled businesses and retail stores to opt for a contactless transaction. People are shopping online more and more. The changing trends in the consumer behavior can help your business to thrive. 

Some of the most important reasons to have a Point of Sales (POS) system are given below.

Manage Your Sales

Point of sales can act as a performance indicator for your business. During different seasons, sales can rise or decline. With the POS system, you can keep a track record of your sales for different goods to predict for the next season. Preemptive planning and insightful graphical elaboration would boost your business and you could target your customer more precisely. Thus, each transaction in the POS system would help grow your business.

Manage customers

Every business in the world is desperate to win the hearts of customers. Customer loyalty is one of the most important things in the success of any business. But how can the POS system help? You should know that the POS system keeps precise records of each transaction. By keeping the records of each customer, you can target them more accurately. Once you go beyond the expectations of customers, they will become a fan of your professional service. You can offer your consumers loyalty programs to entice them to shop from your retail stores. In this continuous feedback channel and gradual improvement in your service is tremendously important for your business.

Inventory Management

Once the purchase is done, your POS system would calculate the price, tax, and update the inventory automatically. Customers don’t like returning empty hands from the retail stores. They want to fulfill their needs with minimum hassle. With proper inventory management, you can restock the essential items before they sell out completely. You can keep the things to offer the maximum value to your customers.

Manage Your Employees

Employee engagement in the workplace is crucial for a thriving business. Can a POS system enhance the efficiency and productivity of the employees? Yes, a POS system can help you. It can help you lay down a different list of employees according to their responsibilities and timing on each weekday. You can review their performance and how many sales they made. A drop in respective sales will show the decreasing productivity while an increase will show you the efficient performance. By monitoring your employees, you can reward their performance.

Types of Software of a POS System

The POS system comprises different hardware and software which maintain and run it smoothly. It is important to understand the POS software and how it works to help your business run smoothly. 

On-Premise POS System

On-premise system is available at the retail stores only. You can establish this POS system in supermarkets and general stores with credit card terminals for transactions and payments. You would need costly upfront hardware software to run it smoothly. A dedicated large IT professional can also be required to maintain it. That’s why most businesses prefer Cloud POS systems.

clothes store cashier operating payment process with post terminal credit card cropped shot closeup hands shopping purchase concept

Cloud POS System

With the Cloud POS system, you can process transactions anywhere without the restriction of time and space. It is ideal for mobile businesses around the globe. This POS system has a lower upfront cost. You will need a few IT professionals for its maintenance. Thus, this is a cost-effective system for your business. 

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