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Go Cashless with our Wireless Credit Card Terminal

In times today, you need a reliable payment service to streamline your business activities with increasing inflation and economic turmoil zero cost credit card processing would be an add-on advantage to your business. 

We at ProcessForFree facilitate you with the latest technology that helps you get all your sales revenue in full. This means while your customers can opt for Credit Card processing when they are paying you, you do not have to pay any transaction fees It is automatically transferred to your customer.

We have a variety of terminals to fulfill your business needs. With this sophisticated online payment solution, you can be more competitive in the market as you can charge lower prices because you do not have to pay the fee. 

Go Cashless with our Wireless Credit Card Terminal

If you want to have an on-the-go solution for no-fee credit card processing, our wireless terminal is the best option for you. Its portability helps you serve customers on their tables if you run a restaurant or cafe. Similarly, stores that have multiple payment points can also benefit from it. 

One of the advantages of a wireless payment system is its efficiency. You can avoid having long queues with quick transactions. This means your customers are not working out of your site overlooking the long queues.

Even though it is wireless it still provides as much security and encryption, just like its counterparts. It has a high-quality display, which is easily readable ensuring that your customers are able to scan it while paying.

It is advisable to stay near the base station for maximum signal strength. This is because if the base station connected to the telephone line is far away, you will lose signals. If the signals are weak, you might face problems like processing the transaction.

You can take them anywhere you want, which helps with expanding your business via trade shows or exhibitions you can take your payment system with you anywhere that you go and ensure your sales never pause.

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How does it work?

You can opt for our wired credit card terminal if you are looking for no-fee merchant services. It is not only easy to set up but also simple to use. It is placed on the countertop where you can conduct your payment operations. 

You have to connect it to the internet or a phone line, which links to the banking infrastructure for timely communications. Hence, you do not need an additional setup for using it, your existing telephone infrastructure is enough.

The device software also has encryption, which helps to keep the transaction information secure. It also aids in doing rapid transactions. It accepts all credit cards so that no customer turns away.

Feel Free with our Virtual Credit Card Terminals

Virtual credit card terminals offer you the most innovative and easy solution for free credit card processing. Now you can turn your computer into a credit card terminal without needing any additional equipment. 

You do not need any payment machine to process payments if you already have our virtual terminal. 

There are multiple benefits of this payment terminal:

  • You can use this terminal on whatever device you are using, be it a computer, smartphone, tablet, or whatever. If you have an internet connection, you can benefit from this system.
  • There is no complexity involved in this system and no installation of any software or hardware is needed either.
  • You can track the transactions in real-time with our mobile app meaning you are always up to date.
  • Many customers do not like putting their credit card details on a website. They prefer having trustworthy human interaction. We have made the process easier for them by allowing phone call transactions.
  • The credit card information is removed once the transaction is complete. It ensures customers trust your system and there are no chances of any wrongdoing.
Feel Free with our Virtual Credit Card Terminals​

The Best Investment You’re Going to Make – Convenient & Safe Payments

We do not charge extra and we do not have any hidden fees. Why is that so? Because we as a company are transparent and want to provide our clients the best possible services in the market.  

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If you want a meaningful change in conducting business and processing payments, you should use our advanced terminals. They provide you with everything you need from free credit processing equipment, without any hassles or complexities.

All you need to do is place your order and leave the rest to us. We will not only ship it freely to you but will also guide you about it. Moreover, we will provide you with web resources and training to benefit fully from our modern equipment.

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